Thursday, November 01, 2007

Latest from the forums...

Jonas, resident forum hound here, bringing you the biggest, juiciest, phattest booties currently doing the rounds at my favourite forums! :)

First up, Huge chunky Booty!! WOW!! Look at that thickness!!!!

Check out the Ass on this shapely lovely... shame the pics aren't the best quality, but you can see the shape ok! :)

And lastly (for the moment) check out the protuding booty on this gal, OMFG!!
Stupendously big butt that sticks out a mile!!! Aparently she is about to do a vid on Atlbadboy site, can't wait for that one! ;)


That's the lot for the mo peeps, more coming real soon...
jonas :)


Anonymous said...

woha.............sit on my face and dick.

Anonymous said...

jonas this mis your fellow booty worshipor .just want to let you know you still the man great pics.i will send you some more of my privae stock of clips i have .keep up the good work

NoTimeAtAll said...

Oh I gotta see that one on ATLBADBOY. That ass is "to die for".

Thanks Jonas!

Anonymous said...

Heey Jonas,

How are You doing!
It looks Fine!

Mannnn!!! what an PEAR!!!

You have clops for sale of these PEARS!!!!!!

Its word to paypal it!

But if i go to ''atlbadboy''

It looks like a site for ''girls''

Or ''g#y's''

Keep Up! the Pears!!


Mustafa, from the Netherlands(EU)

Anonymous said...

Its where she can be seen

Jonas said...

Lol, yeah as the poster above said, its a legit bigass site, just didn't wanna have it posted on my blog as i've gotten into trouble before posting pics i perhaps shouldn't have had....

Anonymous said...

you are so hot I wish i would have met you so get at me

Anonymous said...

when she does that vid please let me know

Anonymous said...

I downloaded the vid from, its called atl bad boy country booty

Anonymous said...

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