Thursday, July 05, 2007


After my last post i was contacted by the webmaster of VivaLaValerie who very kindly gave me a free membership!
If any other webmasters wish to offer me free memberships, by all means do so! :)

So, i have been able to peruse the website and....

It's looking good!
It's early days yet, but the content is looking real good. :)
As i think i said before, Valerie is a true SSBBW with a big belly, which i am not so keen on, but man, when you see that ass, such trivial matters fade away!!
Webmaster, can we please have more clothed vids/pics?
I loved the short vid on youtube of valerie wearing pants... any more coming?
Go on over and check out the site and decide for youself, i for one am going to keep a close eye on this one!!

Oh and visa is accepted now! ;)