Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pay-Per-View Live BBW Fashion Show!

Man this is soooooo exciting!

How would y'all like to see an exclusive BBW Fashion show live over the internet?
It will feature AMAZING curvy pear shaped models including TRICENA and AMBROSIA!!!

Imagine seeing them and many others strut their stuff up and down the catwalk wearing a variety of outfits... if that doesn't get the heart pumping, i don't know what will!

The cost of this awesome experience would be in the region of $19.95, this will include a copy of the show on DVD to keep so you can re-live the show over and over again.
Now THAT is a bargain!!!

All being well, this will take place in a few weeks time (May 11th), for it to be worthwhile i need an idea of how popular it will be.

Soooooo, help me out by entering a vote on the poll to the right ----> , please only vote 'yes' if you would be prepared to pay for this unique event.

BTW, for those who do not know who AMBROSIA is, check out these pics...

And of course, here's a reminder of TRICENA...

More youtube finds...

Found these great vids on youtube, great thick booties on these chunky women!!

BTW, the Tricena vids are down at the mo... hope to have some exciting news in that direction real soon!! :)


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

More webfinds and some from a Pal!

Ok, these first few, i'm not sure where i got them from, found them on an old CD i had made... thought they would be worth posting!!
I don't know who she is and this is all the pics i have, so Njoi!

The second set of pics are posted with thanks to and permission of a pal of mine, Elepero...
For anyone who doesn't know, Elepero is without doubt the BEST candid BBW shooter out there!

Pity he doesn't do vids...
This woman has one of the most AMAZING, OUTSTANDING, SUPERB Pearshapes EVER!

I would not normally post candids here, but OMFG!!!

This woman is a true gift from the almighty and she needs to be worshipped!!

On your knee's!!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Youtube thick thighs...

Just found this on youtube and felt the need to share it... DAMN!! Look at those thighs!!

Myspace find...

Check out Sexy Tina, found over on Myspace... man that place is a goldmine for lovely curvy women! Just takes a while to find 'em....

Tina has great curves and a lovely hips that are just superb... a curvy classic!


Tuesday, February 13, 2007


CandidCurves - Big Butts, wide pearshaped women and Juicy Thighed BBW's

Saturday, February 10, 2007

More Tricena!

Ok my friends, here are the final 2 parts to Tricena's superb performance.
She is a true Pearshaped wonder, thick in all the right places, exactly the kind of woman any respectable Curvy BBW admirer would love to worship!!

I fear i am now addicted to the wide hips and thick juicy thighs of these wonderful curvy women... My hunger for their huge chunky butts seems to have no end!!
Njoi these 2 vidclips and stick around for more models coming soon!

Part Two

Part Three

Get both of these superb clips over at

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A New Direction...

I come bearing exciting news... My presence on the net is expanding!

I have made a deal with a BBW model film company in the US to distribute clips from their DVD's of ORIGINAL BBW models strutting their stuff in tight clothes for your enjoyment!


These are exciting times for all BBW pear shaped, big butted, thick thighed woman admirers... my partner has a multitude of vids of wonderful Pear shaped women with superbly juicy butts and thighs. These will be presented in clip format as well as on DVD and Video to buy (details to follow).

My candid work will still be available, just not here... STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFO ON THE FUTURE OF BBW CANDID VIDEOGRAPHY!!

First up..... TRICENA!!

Check out the pics of this amazing curvy woman!!

Video Preview Here

This beautiful lady has a mind blowing shape to her, look at those wide hips and small waist complimented by her thick juicy thighs and butt wrapped up in a pair of tight pants!
She is truly a wonder to behold, and there are two more parts to come!!

Get her first 4 1/2 min clip over at

Get both of these superb clips over at

Sunday, February 04, 2007

MegaButt Maria at TJBooty

I discovered MegaButt Maria when she first appeared over at TJBooty years ago and have been a fan of her huge hips ever since.

She is one of the best finds ever on the net, her wonderful full thighs and hips with slim waist are just amazing!

And luckily for us she seems to like posing for vids and pics, lots of updates for us admirers! Check out this sample video.

If you have been living under a rock and have not seen her before, jump on over to WWW.TJBOOTY.COM

The site has many other models and a wealth of candid big butts as well
- well worth the investment!