Sunday, June 24, 2007

The question of SSBBW's....

I find myself a wee bit confused these days...
It used to be so simple, there were plump pear shaped BBW's and then huge shapeless SSBBW's.
I have never been a big flabby belly lover and still not so keen, but.....
There are a new breed of SSBBW's showing thenselves on the net and i find i cannot help but really admire the new breed of EXTREME PEAR SHAPERS such as Asshley, Jenni and now Valerie...

Yes they have big bellies, but man, those wide hips and huge asses do something to me!!

Feast your eyes on Valerie... OMFG WHAT AN ASS!!!

The only bad thing i can say about her is that her site does not accept Visa so i cannot join... :(

I think its great that such women of size are putting thenselves on the net, there are a lot of admirers out there ( i am one! :) )
In a world that hates anything different from the norm, lets celebrate these beautiful wonderfully shaped women!

And check out this sample video... what a butt!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Great thighs lingerie model webfind

Check out this wonderfully massive thighed lingerie model that i found whilst surfing...
I have no idea who she is or ifthere are any other pics, any clues anyone?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

2 bubbles and 2 vids of HugeBubble!

Update over at my site, 2 lovely bubbles to start with....

And to follow... 2 vids of one of my favourite ever captures... HUGEBUBBLE!!
She has a great womenly shape with a superbly protuding bubble butt which will blow you mind!!
All wrapped up in tight lycra...*drool*

Sample Video One Here

Sample Video Two Here

Full videos over at: