Thursday, December 06, 2007

UniquelyMadeDiva on Video!!!

As if things just couldn't get better for us extreme pear lovers, MercedesBBW has just released a vid featuring none other than UniquelyMadeDiva!!!

Now, your old pal jonas has been a bit naughty in his time, I will admit i have downloaded site rips, vids etc...
But I have also joined quite a few BBW paysites as well as I realise that without people paying, this kinda material we all love will simply not be made. I am a great advocate of BBW models and support their efforts wholeheartedly. It's not easy doing what they do in a prejudiced world which constantly tells you that you don't fit in...

I was contacted by mercedesBBW and chastised for passing on a link for one of her vids for which i have apologised.
What I would say is, if we don't help out by paying for the sites, vids etc, they will go. We will be back to the situation a few years back where there were no quality BBW sites and I don't think any of us want that!

SO, peeps, bung a few dollars to your favourite model, buy a vid, or simply spread the word that we love these women and appreciate them sharing their amazing voluptuous bodies with us.
We just wont realise what we've had till it's gone...

Oh, and check out this sample pic and vid of UniquelyMadeDiva's vid... OMG!!!!
If she doesn't make ya wanna buy a DVD, nothing will!!

MercedesBBW Site

OMG Candids!!!

Hot off the press are these candids posted over at Sgurl, my old stomping ground for all things candid...

All I can say is.... WOW!!!
This guy has a great eye for the larger lady and man, does he know how to pick 'em!
Seem's to live in the promised land of Big Booty

I've not seen his work before, he has a blog called Biggie's and it's well named, featuring some great huge booty wrapped in tight pants, it's Brazilian i think... check it out!

That babe in the spandex just leaves me wrecked!!
There are not words to describe how amazing she looks... *jonas faints yet again*
Can't post anymore... I'm off to get my plane tickets to Brazil!! :)