Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Velvet Vixen - A wonderful Pear !!!

Velvet Vixen has been posting over at her Yahoo group for some time now, but still seems to be relatively unknown...
She is a pear shaped wonder... incredibly sexy with curves that are out of this world!!
I just wish she would grace us with a proper site and post some vids... *sigh*

She did a catwalk show this year for a fashion designer, some vids for which can be found on the net, and she DEFINATELY showed that big hipped women are sexier than the usual emaciated figures on the catwalk! :)
Anyways, here's some pics of her, i just adore the curves she has, her plump thighs flow into her wide hips and then taper back into her lovely waist... *drool*

A fine figure of a woman, and exactly how a woman should be!

Check out her Yahoo club here for more pics!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas y'all!!

This will be my last post before Christmas, so i wish everyone out there a great one, njoi and have fun!!

If you haven't see the return of Asshley (also known as Carla) then i dunno where you've been hiding!
She was one of the original HUGE (and i mean HUGE!!) extreme pear shaped models to grace the net before leaving us all too soon...

Well.... she's back!!

She has a new site over at Bigcuties so go over and check her out!!

Here's some free preview pics from her site. Njoi!

She is definately at the larger end of the BBW scale and will not be to everyones taste, but i feel she is something special and should be supported!

Don't worry if she is too big for ya, i will be back soon with some more modestly proportioned women!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Websearch mission...

So, there was a girl some time ago who posted some of her pics on the net and then disappeared...
She had a most amazing thick pear shaped figure with an extreme shape to her booty that was eye-popping!!
I have had various photo's of her which i have since lost, and someone on sgurl stated that they knew her and that she maybe making a comeback...

But anyhow, here's my set of pics of the girl i belive is called 'Candi'.
There are others out there, if you have some tucked away, share the wealth with us all!
And i send thee on a mission to find the missing pics... for all our sakes!!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

More of Diane...

I think these are the last i have of the woman I believe to be called 'Diane', she posted on a personals forum a few months back, but seems to have dissappeared... :(

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

This video has been doing the rounds for a while, but may be new to some...
Ignore the idiot dancing with her and just focus on exactly how F**KING HUGE her hips and ass are in comparison to her waist...

That girl need some SERIOUS worshipping!!

Chunky Butt Swimsuit Wedgies

A few shots i found to remind us in the north of the planet of the summer...
Don't you just love it when a big assed woman wears a thong to the beach?
Or maybe her swimsuit gets eaten by her ass crack as in the last pics?

Great stuff!!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

One word.... DAMN!!!

Black Street BBW

A pal of mine set up his own site to showcase his vids shot mostly in stores in the US.
He has some great footage and to join up is real cheap, so go on over and tell him jonas says hi!
Maybe if he gets enough cash he will buy a DV cam to sort out the colour on his vids! ;)

Check out a sample below, i love the extreme curves on this woman... she must have be soooo fine to follow!! 8)

Head on over to

Jenny Jones

I used to love watching Jenny Jones on SKY TV over here in the UK... SHe used to just have the biggest boobed and bootied women on her show and for no real reason either, just because she could!!

Man i miss that show... *sigh*

Here's some memories of the booty kind from that show. :)

Cindy here was AMAZING!! Man when i first saw her ass crammed into those tight pants i nearly had a fit!! The slomo on youtube i actually made months ago, funny how these things stick around on the net and get passed around... ;)

Youtube webfinds

2 of the biggest asses to be seen on the net courtesy of youtube! :)

Strange... I would never have thought i would have gone for such huge butts... i think i have been corrupted by the internet into a wide hip huge booty fan!! :)

Webfind - Diane?

For my first webfind post i thought i would share a woman who is without doubt one of the very BEST i have ever seen on the net!!

That ass is just so thick and juicy, i reckon i could spend years with that and never get tired!!

She posted at a contact forum quite a while ago and no, i don't know her unfortunately!! :(
Hopefully she will post some more pics one day... lets hope so!

Until then njoi these hi-def pics, i have more of her in jeans and a dress which i will post soon...

Friday, December 15, 2006

New adventure!!

Hey there!
Some of you will kow me from my previous blogging showcasing my curvy candid vids and pics...
Well, I'm back with a new project!!
This time I'm gonna concentrate on being a comprehensive resource for BBW content, I have come to accept the fact that there truly is nothing like the wonderful full bodied thickness of a curvy pear shaped woman!!

I will share the fruits of my labour here, taken from my own footage, from findings on the web and also from some of the amazing paysites that have recently become available.
It really seems that there has never been a better time for extreme wide hipped pear lovers!!

I will feature women from thick chunky curvy butts to SSBBW's, all of which i believe have one thing in common... they are SEXY AS F**K!!!

To get the ball rolling, i present a true wonder of nature, the woman who has inspired me to start this information sharing service... Jenni from BigCuties!!! :)

This woman is AMAZING!!! Her curves are up there with the best ever extreme pears and she is stunning to go with it!! I have been a member at her site and would encourage anyone who see's her beauty as i do to join up, the better the response, the longer she will stay around!!

See her site here: BigCuties Jenni

I think if i had seen her out on the street during on of my shooting expeditions i would've just fallen apart! ;) She certainly raises the bar and proves there are women out there with extreme curves who are INCREDIBLY sexy!!


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Models Wanted - Earn Cash!!!!

We are looking at starting a tasteful non-nude Big Beautiful Women appreciation website called deliciouspears next year and need some wonderful models for it!!

What we are looking for are everyday AMAZING women with the perfect PEAR SHAPE that we all know and love. If you are or if you know a curvy GODDESS who makes people stop and stare at their curvy delights when they pass by, then WE NEED YOU :).

DeliciousPears is the name and AMAZING PEAR SHAPED women is the game! We are looking for the best in wide hipped, big bootied, slim waisted curvy pear hipped women who want to be loved!

We will pay well for NON-NUDE photo and vidclip sessions, C'mon and show the world that you are a CONFIDENT CURVY BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMAN!

We are UK based, but have contacts in the US, so wherever you are, drop us a line!!

Email pic samples or for more details to: