Monday, November 26, 2007

Cajun.... WOW! just WOW!!!

I know i posted her not so long ago, but the last 2 updates at Cajun BigEz's Southern Charms site are just MINDBLOWING!!

I just loooooooove her shape... so thick, so juicy, so rounded....
A truly amazing pear of the finest order!!!

And are you ready for THESE?!

OMG!!! What a set!!!
Check her out here.

Oh and Cajun if you pass by again, how about a free membership for all the plugs? ;)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hippnosis... wide hips, WOW!

I recently got put onto this wonderful woman by a pal... I've seen a few pics around before, but now have joined her yahoo group. :)

Probably get into trouble for reproducing these here, but she is too good to keep a secret! ;)
There are more to come... what a great curvy shape she has!!


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Blog pals part one...

It's been a while since i did a shout out to some of my blogging pals out there...
There's a HUGE array of sites up and running now which are great for us larger lady lovers, so, check 'em out! :)

First up, Have a look at Tits'n'Arse Lover...
Run by my pal Dave, mainly focussing on boobs these days, but some great posts none the less!!

Next up, Bellies and Boobs...

As you could imagine, this one is about ... Bellies and Boobs!!
Again some superb pics, well worth looking through the archive.

Love the post where the second pic comes from, loads of pics of busty women with funny t'shirt slogans... some absolute gems there!

Before you all say, 'it's all about boobs, where's the butt's?'
Another of my pals, Spaceboy is still doing his candid thing over at Spaceboys CandidBooty.
Focussing on smaller but still shapely butts these days, but good on him for carrying on the faith... all power to ya dude! :)

Another boob blog now... le blog des poitrines hors-normes
As you may guess, this one is not english, he posts in French and a relative newcomer on the block, but he does have a good eye for the larger lady with huge boobs! ;)

Lastly for the moment, if you haven't seen his posts around somewhere... where have ya been!!!
My South American chum (think he's Peruvian) over at Mega Big Ass Tamazolas
Another non-english site, but man, he keeps providing the goods!!

That lot should keep ya busy for a while!!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Uniquelymadediva - Extreme shape lovers njoi!

k, so this women appeared on the net some time ago, appears to have done a bit of modelling on bigmates and now has a myspace page dedicated to her huge loveliness...

If you don't like huge ass and hips look away now...
For the rest of us, I present...


Amount of pics and vids reduced by request of the Diva herself.

MAN, what a great hugely proportioned woman, i love her extreme curves and she seems to have a great personality as well! :)

And.... here is a vid!!

Check out this club Bounce vid... Key moments at 01:58 and 05:30

I have heard through a pal of mine who reckons he knows her that she is doing a website some time... let's hope so!!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Real or not?

Ok peeps, quiz time....
Found this pic over at ThickBBWForum and instantly thought DAMN!!!
What a shape she has... or does she?
I've had a good look and don't think it's been photoshopped, what do you guys think?
I hope that such a goddess does exist, but i have been fooled by pics before...

Vote below!

So the voting ended with a 60% - 40% split in favour of the pic being fake...
Still not too sure myself, be either way, nice to look at! :)

Monday, November 05, 2007

Cajun Big Ez

Cajun has been on the net for a while now with both a candiswildgirlz site and a southern charms site.

I'm not sure if i've posted about her before, but anyways, she is definately worth a second look! :)

I love the clothed pics she does, there were some free samples over at her southern charms account recently that just blew my mind!

She is one of the best pear shaped wide hipped BBW's out there today... those hipsand huge butt just send me wild.... give it up for Cajun BigEz!! :)

BTW help me out by spreading the word of my blog, I'm aiming to be one of the biggest BBW Blogs out there, I've had over 560,000 page views this year so far... with all your help i wanna try to make it close to a million hits this year!!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Latest from the forums...

Jonas, resident forum hound here, bringing you the biggest, juiciest, phattest booties currently doing the rounds at my favourite forums! :)

First up, Huge chunky Booty!! WOW!! Look at that thickness!!!!

Check out the Ass on this shapely lovely... shame the pics aren't the best quality, but you can see the shape ok! :)

And lastly (for the moment) check out the protuding booty on this gal, OMFG!!
Stupendously big butt that sticks out a mile!!! Aparently she is about to do a vid on Atlbadboy site, can't wait for that one! ;)


That's the lot for the mo peeps, more coming real soon...
jonas :)