Friday, March 23, 2007

BBW Fashion Webcast Update!!


The BBW Fashion show will now be shown as a webcast.
Anyone who subscribes to receive this broadcast will get a complimentry DVD of the show to watch at their leisure.

The time of the Webcast will now be:
Friday May 11th 2007
1900 - 2100 hrs Central Daylight Time (US)

As mentioned before, Tricena and Ambrosia (XtraCurves) will be among the amazing models on show.
This will truely be a Pear lovers dream!!!
Don't miss out!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Back Again!!!

Well, apologies for leaving it a bit long for an update.... personal circumstances and a dead laptop have meant I have not been around for a bit!

So, not only do i have to put up with this Vista crap (Damn you Microsoft and your incompatibilities!!) but i also lost about a Gig of great pics and vids!!


Anyways, things are coming along nicely, i'm about to launch a candidcurves site featuring tight bubblebutts caught on the street, BlackStreetBBW is being updated and will continue to show my larger lady work, and I'm working on a deal to bring y'all more models like Tricena on another site!! Busy, busy....

Here are some large boob finds from myspace, smaller girl first, but still curvy in all the right places!!

This lady is a bit larger with boobs that just begger belief!!

And finally i want to spread the word about the might Jeri Carmichael, one of the curviest extreme pears ever to grace the net...
This set of her in that velvet jumpsuit is just so damn hot!!
You feel like you could reach out and hug those enormous curves....
If only she would make a comeback like Asshley and put a site up, the world needs her huge hips and butt!!