Sunday, May 27, 2007

Candid BBW's at my site

I have parted company with BlackStreetBBW through mutual agreement.
It was good working together but we have decided to focus on our projects seperately.

Niqbiz is a good pal of mine and i wish him every success.
Pop on over and see him, say jonas says 'hi'!

The offshoot of this is that i am now featuring my Candid BBW vids over at CandidCurves!
I have initially uploaded 20 vids, making the total over 60, a great bargain at less than 8 bucks!!
Of course there are loads more to come...

Come on over to see some sample vids and pics, and while you are there, why not sign up and get all those high quality vids as a member!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

The shape of a woman...

For once i am speechless....

Friday, May 18, 2007

Youtube rules!

I know some peeps slag off youtube, but man, it is a goldmine of butt vids!!
I only wish they didn't keep banning peeps and deleting their vids, like they have done to mine before... :(

Still, just found these vids.... OMFG!!! They are some huge curvy butts!!!

Check out the following 3 vids and then jump on over to his channel.... njoi!!

Channel Here


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Guys, pop on over and check out my Peruvian pals blog featuring candid pics n vids of amazing thick thighed big bootied pear shaped BBW's!!
Check out these pictures and tell me that you don't wanna look! :)

BTW, if anyone can translate peruvian to English, let me know!

Back to normality...

Check out these 2 VERY short youtube posts.... DAMN!!! If only the filmer carried on for longer... :(
The second one kinda reminds me of Megabutt Maria.... how wide is that ass? :)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Mother's Day Fashion Show..... Nearly Here!!!!

Only 9 days before the world famous Mother's Day Fashion Performance!
A world class experiment in big booty rump-shaking beauties in great clothes.

If you want to see to see gorgeous women with big hips and even larger butts this is the webcam show for you!

Http:// has formed a business around just the sort of women you enjoy, those with big booties and wide hips!

Be sure to sign-up for webcam performance Friday May 11, 2007 it's only $19.95!
Plus you get a free DVD just be sure you saw what you thought you saw! :)

Online seats are limited so use your Paypal account today.
Contact today to sign-up or ask additional information.