Saturday, January 27, 2007

YouTube Butt and Animation

Whilst on the subject of Youtube, check out these 3 vids...

This woman has an amazing figure, would love to have seen a higher quality longer clip. :)

Here's a couple of animations, i love the Plastik vid, funny as fook and kinda shows how a lot of us feel about larger ladies!! ;)

YouTube Boobs

Some big boob vids i found on YouTube which i Haven't seen before....
Some pretty nice ones, i think y'all agree!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Big Boobs Part 1....

To go along with my passion for large pear shaped butts, I also have a desire for rather large natural breasts. :)
So here I present the first part of a couple of posts concerning the boob side of my lustings, hopefully be a few that peeps have not seen elsewhere before...


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

BBW Shelf Butts!

I love it when a woman has such a big ass that it jut's out to form a shelf!!
Check out these hugely proportioned women!

And on the news front i should have a new very exciting project to tell y'all about soon... watch this space!!

First up a woman who seems to be called 'UniquelyMadeDiva' and she most certainly is!!

This woman I found on a contact forum.... nice thick butt!

Check out how insanely huge this womans butt and hips are compared to her top!!!! OMG!!!!

Man, she certainly fills those jeans!!

A couple from NudeArica forum... Booty doesn't get much thicker than that!!

Last one for now.... what would you do to get hold of that!!