Monday, November 26, 2007

Cajun.... WOW! just WOW!!!

I know i posted her not so long ago, but the last 2 updates at Cajun BigEz's Southern Charms site are just MINDBLOWING!!

I just loooooooove her shape... so thick, so juicy, so rounded....
A truly amazing pear of the finest order!!!

And are you ready for THESE?!

OMG!!! What a set!!!
Check her out here.

Oh and Cajun if you pass by again, how about a free membership for all the plugs? ;)


Jimmy 2 in 1 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jimmy 2 in 1 said...

|!!!| OMG |!!!|

Anonymous said...

Hehe, Cajun is just about as good as it gets when it comes to ass. I was fortunate that a few weeks after discovering her on the web, I was able to hit it off with a woman in real life that is proportioned in the same manner.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful, thanks !

Angelface79 said...

It's great to see a bbw blog.

Steven said...

i like her too! phat as i like! :)

kwobia said...

Where is it written that all males must
adore skinny women?Cajun is a true beauty.Thanks Jonas.Kwobia

Anonymous said...

BBW Cajun here
Thanking you guys for all your nice comments Don't forget my persoanl site
Totally exclusive from SC.

Jonas send me an email hun

Anonymous said...

Millones de besitos en tan bello trasero y en su anito, le meteria mi gran pene por su ano y lo llenaria con varios kilos de semen.

Anonymous said...

...she redefines the tradational views of the BBW and introduces a "Hot Image" of the super plus size model to titilate men's fantasy and post an example for women to follow.

Anonymous said...

Ok site but she' s kind of lazy she hardly do videos and dont make a request she won't do it waste of membership I stopped getting membership for her site in 2010. Bought her a gift never profiled it on the site. I learned my lesson your better off getting membership at bbw large n lovely or bbw lilith or bbw destiny site or platinum puzzy site plus they are more down to earth.

Anonymous said...

I agree this lady is a user I say avoid this site its other bbw sites way better than her and her pimp site.

Fortune Anyatonwu said...

Hi Cajun!! You are so ravishing. I wish I could meet you in person so that you can sit in my face lol and other fetish acts. I'm your biggest fan and seeing you would be a dream come true


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