Monday, February 07, 2011

The best wide hips on Youtube?

Quite possibly the best candid huge wide hipped booty on Youtube at this time....



Anonymous said...

Not bad. But I think has some competition. (Sugar Pear is LA Gurl).

Thank me later.


Fafner said...

I agree she's really fascinating. From what one can tell, she's not fat other than in the hips. Would, of course, have been great to see a full-body shot of her...

pearfan said...

Frankly, I think this woman is incredible. Makes me ask why I can't find a girl shaped like that... (there just aren't any who have that kind of shape.) Phenomenal.

jonas said...

I agree Teecher, I had been over to mercedes new site and it hadn't clicked that Sugar Pear was LA girl...
She scrubs up well, looks like a different girl to the one in the other vids.

I do love the raw natural charms of the candid captured BBW. Vids and pics of a wonderfully curvy natural woman in the street is something to behold!!

Anonymous said...

i just threw up in my lap. then again, this is my first visit to your blog, and it seems we have very different ideas of hotness.

spank on, gentlemen.

jonas said...

Bit harsh dude, kinda says what you will find here in the title... 'BBW' source.

If you don't like your women big and curvy, this is not the place for you!

Anonymous said...

i nearly had a heart attack! can only imagine how those hips feel... <3
-bbc jay

Jonas good to see ur still going strong after all these yrs :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh my! From the bottom down, it looks like Asshley.

Anonymous said...

Truly, truly gorgeous. Some guy is in paradise.

Anonymous said...

her ass is firm, she can take it hard

Anonymous said...

Sugar Pear aka La Gurl is a BBW Phenom!!!!! OMG Shes like Cherokee on Steroids! I have loved & dated the HoTTesT BBWs 4 years but she just takes the cake, stole the show,knocks em dead, whatever you want to call it, a Drop Dead Gorgeous BBW Mega Pear Shaped Brick Shit House Phenomenon & future BBW Adult Entertainment Icon in the making!!!! I love My other Big Beauties like Crystal Clear,Bootylicious,Ms.Buttersworth,Skyy Black,Cherokee D'Ass, & a BBW named Big Redd whos ben in & out of porn for about 10 years & close 2 Sugar Pear im size & dimensions, & many other BBW Goddessess out there but NOTHING & NO ONE can touch The World Heavyweight Champion of BBWs, the Undisputable Sugar Pear!!!


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